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_The Sexperience 1000

The sexual experiences of 1,000 British individuals are brought together in an engrossing demystification of the sex lives of others.

2008 Adam Gee
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Sexperience 1000 is a playful and engaging way for people to absorb information about the nation’s sexual preferences, and find out whether their own personal experiences tally with the results. In short, what is normal.”

Adam Gee, Channel 4 Producer, in Broadcast Now UK

A thousand individuals’ responses to a 20-question nationwide United Kingdom survey was the source for the engaging and honest information presented in the interactive infographic The Sexperience 1000. From behaviors to preferences to fears, the project takes an unabashed look at what people across the U.K. are thinking and doing when it comes to sex. Visitors can investigate the full set of responses of a single anonymous participant or filter the data set based on age, gender, education, and other factors. Beyond the data visualization, the project presents a website rich with Q&A from other users, forums on hot topics, and even video clips detailing real people and their personal accounts of sexual experiences. The Sexperience 1000 is equal parts educational resource and titillating documentary experience.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United Kingdom
Year : 2008
Author : Adam Gee
Producer : Adam Gee,Andy Bell
Funders AND Incubators : Channel 4
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