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_Way to Go

Take an interactive walk in the woods.

2015 Vincent Morisset (AATOAA)
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Way to Go is a 360-degree interactive walk through a forest. Being one of the first projects developed in WebVR, Way to Go is streamed on a web browser, which allows it to be experienced on a computer screen, or in a virtual reality headset plugged into a computer. The user controls a hand-drawn character who can walk, run, jump, or fly, along a forest trail. If the user chooses to stop moving forward and just contemplate nature and forest creatures, that is completely fine too! After all, “No one is keeping score!” says the creators.

Way to Go is produced by compositing a 360-degree video and hand-drawn animation. The music is an integral part of this piece. Both generative and interactive, it responds to each user’s unique actions and brings this imaginary world closer to our senses.

In the age of speed and multitasking, Way to Go reminds us of the simple pleasures of taking a walk, and slowing down to observe small things.

Project at a Glance :

Country : Canada,France
Year : 2015
Author : Vincent Morisset (AATOAA)
Producer : France TV (Coproducer - Boris Razon),Marie-Pier Gauthier (Head of Production),NFB (Producer - Hugues Sweeney)
Team : Music and sound: Philippe Lambert,Text: Sean Michaels
Developers : AATOAA,Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit
Designers : Caroline Robert
Exhibition Venues : Electronic Language International Festival (FILE),Festival I Love Transmedia,FITC Toronto,Game Developers Conference,Geneva International Film Festival,IDFA DocLab,International Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA),Japan Media Arts Festival,Kaleidoscope Festival,Mutek,Sheffield Doc/Fest,SIGGRAPH,Sonar+D,Sundance,VIFF
Awards & Nominations : Adobe Cutting Edge Award,Awwwards Site of the Day,Boomerang (Grand Prize),Communication Arts - Interactive Annual 2016,Communication Arts Award,FWA People's Choice Award 2015,FWA Site of the Month,Japan Media Art Festival (Jury Selection in Art Category),Kill Screen Playlist,Numix,Webby Award (Net Art and People's Voice for Net Art),Webby Award (Virtual Reality Game)
Funders AND Incubators : France Télévisions Nouvelles écritures,National Film Board of Canada
Url :
Trailer :

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