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Multi-platform storytelling, gaming & outreach software

Conducttr is a cloud-based multi-platform storytelling tool that sits behind your website, site-specific installations, events and mobile apps and connects them all into an integrated user experience. It blends storytelling, game and marketing automation into a powerful toolkit – think “Lego for transmedia storytelling/activism.”

Conducttr’s collaborative experience design tool loads in any web browser and allows you to build projects that interact with your audience via social media, email, SMS, apps, real-world inputs like air quality, temperature, tides etc. and tons more.

If working with a web developer, use Conducttr as an exoskeleton to implement projects faster and cheaper than coding alone.

Project at a Glance :

Year : 2010
Proprietary or Open-source : Proprietary
Types : Creation and publishing,Mobile web app,Platform,web
Inputs : Audio,Data,Email,Image,SMS,Social media,video
Outputs : Activism & Solutions via social media,Audio,Data,Email,Image,Immersion,SMS,Video
Skill levels : Minimal to advanced depending on use
Costs : Annual subscription,price based on volume of activity
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