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EthnoAlly is a tool for conducting serendipitous, multimodal ethnographic work in a growingly complex world.

EthnoAlly is a mobile application that enables researchers to create and organize multimodal field notes for ethnographic studies. The mobile app produces GNSS-tagged multimodal material which is then archived, organized and analyzed on a cloud application server. Ethnoally functions as a personal assistant for ethnographers in their exploration of people and places, as well as a participatory tool that researchers can use with their interlocutors, both in person and remotely — for example, in the form of multimodal diaries. The mobile app can be downloaded to research participant’s device allowing them to generate images, text notes, sound files and geolocative and temporal metadata, functioning as an extension of the ethnographer.

Project at a Glance :

Company : Alfonso Bahillo (DeustoTech Fundación - University of Deusto),Paolo S. H. Favero (Visual and Digital Cultures Research Center & University of Antwerp & Research Foundation Flanders)
Year : 2015
Proprietary or Open-source : Proprietary
Types : cloud server,mobile app
Inputs : Data,GNSS,Image,sound,Text
Outputs : archived and organized content,Multimedia content
Skill levels : No special skills required
Costs : Free
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  1. Erika Skov

    This is a great tool! I was wondering
    however, if it would be possible to share
    not only the single text, picture etc. but the
    map as a whole. Because I’m looking for a
    multimodal tool where my interlocutors can
    share a kind of diary with me from Mexico
    while I’m in Denmark. Another small question
    maybe related to that: what does it entail having the element private/ public? Thank you very much!
    Kind regards,

  2. Renk van Oyen

    I’ve installed it and would love to use it in practisce,
    however, I can’t see where the data is going!
    Where do I log in and organise and share the data?

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