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FOLD is a platform allowing storytellers to structure and contextualize stories.

FOLD is an open platform for reading, authoring, and publishing modular stories wrapped in contextual information like photos, maps, videos, tweets, interactive visualizations, and more. On FOLD, stories have a cross-like structure, with a backbone of modular narrative cards, each of which can be associated with multiple context cards. Authors can provide “curated tangents” to readers by integrating contextual information from online sources or by reusing other authors’ context blocks.

Project at a Glance :

Company : MIT Media Lab
Year : 2014
Proprietary or Open-source : Open-source
Types : Digital storytelling
Inputs : images,maps,Text,tweets,video
Outputs : Automatically formats inputs as an interactive,non-linear story
Skill levels : interacting with search to browse context hosted online,Writing
Costs : MIT License
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  1. Christina

    Fold is an open publishing platform that allows users to build multimedia stories. Users can tell a story (most are blogs, articles though some are also interviews and journals) and instead of embedding normal hyperlinks that jump to a new page in the web browser Fold’s interface allows users to see the information linked in the text within the same page next to the source text. The result is that when the viewer reads the story they can see the links and media that the author has embedded without having to switch between browser tabs.

    As a user it was very easy to set up an account and start building a new story. The interface is very intuitive and can either be built in the site itself and saved as progress is made or you can very easily adjust an existing story to the format. The links that “fold” out from the primary narrative can be media (audio, photo or video uploaded directly to the site) or a link to another webpage page. One of the great features of fold is that multiple fold cards can exist side by side that allow the user to scroll out as far as needed to see all the media linked to the text. A small navigation map appears at the bottom right corner of each story to help the user see all the content linked to the story.

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