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A platform for building location-based AR experiences is a tool for developing location-based augmented reality apps and games. The platform is easy to use with its drag and drop authoring interface and Unity Software Development Kit. Authors can integrate 3D maps, 3D annotations, avatars, vision or location-based AR, GPS-based functions, locative sound, branching path narratives, a multimedia engine and more in The creators can start building with ready-to-go Unity templates and AR apps, or projects supported by in these case studies.

Project at a Glance :

Company : Motive
Year : 2007
Proprietary or Open-source : Proprietary
Types : Augmented Reality,Creation and publishing,Mobile web app,Platform
Inputs : Audio,Data,Image,Pictures,Stories,Text,video
Outputs : Audio,Augmented Reality,Geocoding,Maps,Multimedia content,Video
Skill levels : Minimal to advanced depending on use,Unity
Costs : Starting from U$59/month
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