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_Mouse and Keyboard Interactions for Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality experiences require a new set of conventions for interactions with familiar devices.

The traditional mouse paradigm, where the mouse pointer moves relative to the screen, doesn’t work well in virtual reality.

Brian Chirls, Creative Developer

This demonstrates an experimental virtual reality mouse interaction where the mouse cursor is de-coupled from head movement. Moving the mouse left and right moves the cursor in a circle around the user. Moving forward and back moves the cursor vertically. The distance of the cursor is either determined by the mouse wheel or projected onto the nearest object in a given direction.

Load this site in a WebVR build of either Firefox or Chrome. When the Oculus Rift is connected, hit the “Enter” key or click the “VR” button to enter full-screen VR mode. Hit “Escape” to exit VR and release the mouse cursor.

Project at a Glance :

Company : POV
Year : 2014
Proprietary or Open-source : Open-source
Skill levels : JavaScript,WebGL
Costs : MIT License
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