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A machine learning tool that translates body gestures into interactive systems without coding.

A free and open source software that allows you to build interactive systems based on human actions and gestures, instead of programming code. It is a listening software that recognizes movements and composes visual and audio outputs, using regression, classification and other supervised analysis models. Wekinator operates like a switchboard – it lives between different sources of input and output that use the open sound control protocol, making it easier to create complex relationships between someone’s movements and sounds in creative, independent and nonlinear way.

– Shirin Anlen

Project at a Glance :

Company : Rebecca Fiebrink
Year : 2009
Proprietary or Open-source : Open-source
Types : computer listening,computer vision,software
Inputs : Audio,body movement,gestures
Outputs : animation,Audio,game controller,games,gesture analysis,Multimedia content,music
Skill levels : Easy
Costs : Free
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