an class="excerpt_part">...gritty details. ARKit is available for free as part of Apple’s Xcode. Fundamentally, ARKit offers two key components needed to produce AR apps: motion tracking and scene understanding. Tracking>
Cultural Shock

_Cultural Shock

an class="excerpt_part">Cultural-Shock is a cross-media edutainment project targeting young audiences and giving voice to a new generation of digital storytellers: it explores the issue of world citizenship and cultural diversity>


an class="excerpt_part">Created by Anishinaabe artist Lisa Jackson, Biidaaban: First Light is a work of Indigenous futurism that explores how Indigenous languages can provide a framework for understanding the user’s place>
Motto: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Vincent Morisset’s latest adventure

_Motto: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Vincent Morisset’s latest adventure

an class="excerpt_part">What is Motto? Is it a film? A video game? An interactive book? A visual poem? A treasure hunt? A philosophical treatise? A work of fiction? A documentary? Contemporary art?>


an class="excerpt_part"> TikTok and Instagram Stories—a non-linear 2,000-page mystery that’s expressed in a dazzling array of anonymous, amateur video clips, growing larger every day. Motto is an original collaboration between AATOAA,>
AI Platforms for Interactive Storytellers

_AI Platforms for Interactive Storytellers

an class="excerpt_part">...create complex relationships between someone’s movements and sounds in a creative, independent, and nonlinear way. Pandas , Python data framework. We live in an era of data-driven and information>
Interview with Cristóbal Valenzuela, Founder of RunwayML

_Interview with Cristóbal Valenzuela, Founder of RunwayML

an class="excerpt_part"> the data science and engineering world and putting them at the center of a more creative environment. That means understanding how creators and designers and artists work, understanding>
Climate Witness Project

_Climate Witness Project

an class="excerpt_part">...and impacting forests in northern Norway. The collection of stories are produced in the arctic and sub-arctic regions of Scandinavia, a region that is experiencing around a 20-degree Celsius>


an class="excerpt_part">...compared to Apple’s Reality Composer, another emerging AR tool, Aero is described as more intuitive but less powerful than its Apple counterpart in terms of precision and resolution. Moreover,>


an class="excerpt_part">...31,500 asylum seekers in the UK experience. Coupled with articles on the Guardian that bring light to this issue, Limbo is available on Daydream and as a 360 Youtube>
Aftermath VR: Euromaidan

_Aftermath VR: Euromaidan

an class="excerpt_part">...both in Ukraine and internationally. The Beta version of After VR: Euromaidan has been launched in Kyiv’s Planeta Kino in Ukraine, and is available at Planeta VR and VR>

an class="excerpt_part">...creation more accessible and lowers the barrier to distribution. allows users to operate a simple drag-and-drop web interface to place scans of people and objects into high-resolution 3D environments,>
Songbird VR

_Songbird VR

an class="excerpt_part">...the ʻōʻō bird was declared extinct in 1987. Songbird is best watched in a headset with headphones, but is also available as a 360 film on YouTube and on Guardian’>


an class="excerpt_part">...characters (NPCs). As of 2018, around half of mobile games and around two-thirds of all AR/VR content were built through Unity, making it a preferred tool of interactive media>