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_Do Not Track

Do Not Track is a personalized web documentary series about privacy and the web economy.

2015 Brett Gaylor
DE,EN,FR Visit the project

Our sensitivity around privacy is not developed because everything we’ve been talking about is pretty new. For people to see “Wait that’s me? That’s happening to me every single day?” That’s why we do the personalization, so that people can have some sort of emotional experience around privacy.

Brett Gaylor, director of Do Not Track, to Docubase

Do Not Track is a personalized web documentary series about internet privacy directed by Brett Gaylor and co-produced by NFB, Arte, BR, and Upian. Every two weeks, a new personalized episode is released, looking at a different aspect of how the web is increasingly becoming a space where the users’ movements, speech and identities are recorded and tracked.

Exploring the implications of online tracking from mobile phones to social networks, personalized advertising to big data, Do Not Track seeks to inform audiences about the methods and tools trackers use while helping them taking steps in order to ensure their privacy online.

Project at a Glance :

Language : DE,EN,FR
Country : Canada,France,Germany
Year : 2015
Author : Brett Gaylor
Producer : Arte,BR,National Film Board of Canada,Upian
Team : Akufen,Alexander Knetig,Alexandre Brachet,Christian Daubner,Gilles Freissinier,Gregory Trowbridge,Hugues Sweeney,Jason Staczeck,Louis-Richard Tremblay,Margaux Missika,Marianne Levy-Leblond,Marie-Laure Lesage,Marie-Pier Gauthier,Richard Gutjahr,Sandra Rodriguez,Vincent Glad,Virginie Raisson,Zineb Dryef
Developers : Emmanuel Durgoni,Maxime Quintard,Nicolas Menet,Romain Avalle
Designers : Sébastien Brothier
Exhibition Venues : Tribeca
Url :
Trailer :

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