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_Prison Valley

“Prison Valley” is a first-person interactive road movie that takes users into the heart of America’s prison industry: Fremont County, Colorado.

2010 David Dufresne,Philippe Brault
DE,EN,FR Visit the project

That was our challenge: to believe in the long format on the Internet, in the stories that are told in length. And not only believe in an Internet done by frantic video clips.

David Dufresne, Author, to Innovative Interactivity

Created by David Dufresne and Philippe Brault, Prison Valley is both a traditional television documentary and an interactive road movie that places users in the shoes of a journalist investigating the prison industry in recession-era America. The story begins with a long tracking shot of the road into Fremont County, Colorado—home to 36,000 residents, 13 prisons, and 7,735 convicts. After checking into a room at the Riviera Motel, visitors can explore the area and meet various characters, including a sheriff, a journalist, and a prison guard. At key moments, all the site’s visitors and those affiliated with the industry can join in live online debates and exchange emails with characters on the issues raised in the story. According to the creators’ description, the site distills “thousands of photographs, hours of audio and video, and an eye-watering number of statistics.” Prison Valley was produced by Alexandre Brachet and Upian—the team behind Gaza/Sderot.


Project at a Glance :

Language : DE,EN,FR
Country : France
Year : 2010
Exhibition Venues : États Généraux du Documentaire,IDFA DocLab,Input Festival,Power to the Pixel,Prix Europa,Rio International Film Festival,Sheffield Doc/Fest,SXSW
Awards & Nominations : AIB Best Cross-media/Online Production,Film Festival Bellaria - Best Crossmedia Program,FWA Site of the Day,Grimme Online Award,Prix Italia - Best Interactive Site Linked to TV Program,Sheffield Doc/Fest Innovation Award Special Mention,World Press Photo - 1st Prize Interactive
Funders AND Incubators : Arte,CNC
Url :
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