Forensic Landscapes

_Forensic Landscapes

an class="excerpt_part">...America. Thousands of victims of military juntas, civil wars, and brutal crime in Latin America have disappeared without a trace. In various countries, forensic organizations have been formed to>
VR for All

_VR for All

an class="excerpt_part">Docubase’s mission is to showcase and inspire new documentary forms and the tools, processes, and makers behind them. We find our projects by looking at festivals, incubators, interactive documentary websites,>
Accused #2 : Walter Sisulu

_Accused #2 : Walter Sisulu

an class="excerpt_part">Walter Sisulu was Nelson Mandela’s mentor. Sisulu became well known during the Rivonia trial in 1963 and 1964. Mandela was “accused number one” during the trial and justified why>
Under the Skin

_Under the Skin

an class="excerpt_part">...blends archival and traditional documentary assets with a gamified real-time interactive experience, enhancing the user’s notion of presence within a non-fiction narrative and giving them more agency within the>


an class="excerpt_part">...moments of a real-life sex worker who was brutally murdered by a US soldier at the Dongducheon Camptown in South Korea in 1992. Portraying the last hours of her>


an class="excerpt_part">In the summer of 2014, the village of Rozsypne in the eastern Ukrainian countryside found itself in the midst of a raging civil war, with the lives of its>
African Space Makers

_African Space Makers

an class="excerpt_part">...Space Makers–a new indigenous creative class–are using space in innovative ways in search of fame and recognition. The journey starts in Nairobi, Kenya, a vibrant metropolis of Sub Saharan>


an class="excerpt_part">AntesDelOlvido (BeforeForgetting) began during the October 2019 protests in Chile as a way to collectively create a 3D database of the effects of these protests–such as graffiti–on monuments and>
Birth in the 21st Century

_Birth in the 21st Century

an class="excerpt_part">Birth in the 21st Century is an interactive web documentary that lets the viewer inside the delivery room of the state hospital of La Plana (in Vila-real, Spain), led>
In Event of Moon Disaster

_In Event of Moon Disaster

an class="excerpt_part">...In Event of Moon Disaster explores the influence of misinformation and deepfake technology in contemporary society while inviting people to learn about the implications of artificial intelligence and synthetic>


an class="excerpt_part"> though they are participating in the journalist’s investigation, and eagerly follow the serial episodes as they are released. The combination of subject matter — a true-crime controversial murder>
Cultural Shock

_Cultural Shock

an class="excerpt_part">...a new perspective. During two months of online casting, forty-five candidates battled to win a trip to their country of origin. Once there, the rules were clear: no CO2,>


an class="excerpt_part">Ahorse is a VR installation that takes viewers through a history of consciousness, from premodern times into a virtual future not unlike the cyberspace the viewer is inhabiting. Ahorse>
Motto: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Vincent Morisset’s latest adventure

_Motto: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Vincent Morisset’s latest adventure

an class="excerpt_part">...the creators to invent a “live” reading of their work first at the Electric Dreams Festival in the UK in the summer of 2020, and then at the Festival>


an class="excerpt_part"> TikTok and Instagram Stories—a non-linear 2,000-page mystery that’s expressed in a dazzling array of anonymous, amateur video clips, growing larger every day. Motto is an original collaboration between AATOAA,>