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_Alma: A Tale of Violence

Interactive tablet and web documentary “Alma: A Tale of Violence” lets its audience members move between a former gang member’s confession and a stream of imagery that supplements her story.

2012 Isabelle Fougère,Miquel Dewever-Plana
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“Alma was motivated to bear witness for all deprived kids, to tell them that she was wrong when she believed a gang might give her a family and love…. this web-documentary is her path of redemption.”

Isabelle Fougère, Director, in Arte

“I was fifteen when I wanted to join a gang.” So begins Alma’s 40-minute confessional, captured in the award-winning web and tablet documentary Alma: A Tale of Violence. As Alma narrates the six years she spent as a member of one of Guatemala City’s most violent gangs, audience members can move between her story and a collection of supplementary imagery. Comprised of photographs shot by director Miquel Dewever-Plana and illustrations by artist Hugues Micol, the supplemental collection widens the documentary’s scope from Alma’s own story to Guatemala’s at large. Alma’s narration plays through under the entire piece, uniting the different visual fields.

Developed for the iPad, but also available in a web video player, Alma: A Tale of Violence is only one element of a larger cross-media campaign, featuring a television program (Alma, Arte, 2012), a photography exhibition, and two books (L’autre guerre and Alma).


Project at a Glance :

Language : DE,EN,ES,FR
Country : France
Year : 2012
Author : Isabelle Fougère,Miquel Dewever-Plana
Producer : Agence VU,Arte,France Info,Rue 89,,Télérama,Upian
Team : Alexandre Brachet,Gregory Trowbridge,Hugues Micol,Margaux Missika,Patrick Codomier,Sébastien Brothier
Funders AND Incubators : Blume,CNC,,Le bec en l’air editions,Tribeca Film Institute New Media Fund,WorldView
Url :
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