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_IBM Cloud

IBMCloud offers the tools, data and APIs to create AI.

IBM Cloud (previously Bluemix) is an open source implementation of IBM Watson’s Open Cloud Architecture services. Its technology can analyze high-level concepts of abstraction and data which are not directly referenced in the input. Even with basic programming knowledge of Python and C++ you can access their data, train sets and build complex cognitive computing models through a variety of APIs and create an application. Their services include Personality Insights, Natural Language Understanding, Visual Recognition and offer several customization capabilities. Examples of creative projects made with their support can be explored¬†here.

– Shirin Anlen

Project at a Glance :

Company : IBM
Year : 2014
Proprietary or Open-source : Open-source
Types : machine learning
Inputs : Data
Outputs : data analysis,Multimedia content
Skill levels : basic C++,basic python
Costs : Free
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