_Life in a Day

Crowdsourced documentary "Life in a Day" paints a picture of life on earth using 80,000 clips posted to YouTube.

_Rider Spoke

This performed documentary piece sends participants out into the night to explore city streets alone by bicycle, recording their route and…

_Healing Histories

Interactive documentary "Healing Histories" explores the history of New Orleans’ Central City neighborhood, focusing on its residents’…


Participatory storytelling project "Hyperlocal" charts Canada’s changing neighborhoods.


Interactive mobile app "Cinemacity" geolocates movie clips throughout Paris in the locations that they were shot, letting visitors explore…


Interactive documentary "CLOUDS" transforms computer code -- usually invisible -- into a prime visual attraction.

_One in 8 Million

A collection of over 50 short profiles of New Yorkers, told through audio interviews and photographs.

_Balloons of Bhutan

In the participatory documentary project "Balloons of Bhutan," artist Jonathan Harris investigates happiness in all its forms.

_Video Nation

A participatory documentary project that transformed from a TV project to a growing online archive.

_Holy Mountain

Web documentary "Holy Mountain" explores religion and spirituality through the lens of Montreal’s Mount Royal.

_The Block: Stories from a Meeting Place

In "The Block: Stories from a Meeting Place," interactive 360° panoramas capture a historic neighborhood on the verge of demolition.

_Hip Hop Word Count

A database of the lyrics to more than 50,000 rap songs dating back to 1979, "Hip Hop Word Count" is a tool that's catalyzing beautiful data…

_Sonic Trace

Participatory oral history project "Sonic Trace" focuses on immigrant communities in Los Angeles.

_2nd: The Face of Defeat

Interactive photo essay "2nd: The Face of Defeat" investigates the dark side of competition by turning a spotlight on second-place finishers.

_Invisible People

Web series "Invisible People" combats stereotypes about the homeless.