_Condition ONE  (2010)

The "Condition One" iPad video player invites a feeling of immersion by letting its audience control the camera’s view.

_Ed Zed Omega  (2012)

Blending reality and fiction, "Ed Zed Omega" is a cross-media experiment that tracks six young adults after they drop out of high school.

_Spirit of ‘45  (2013)

The web component for Ken Loach's film vastly expands his project by adding interviews, historical data, and interactive timelines.

_Le Jeu des 1000 Histoires  (2013)

An interactive story machine, "Le Jeu des 1000 Histoires" profiles one of France’s most popular radio game shows.

_I Want You to Want Me  (2008)

"I Want You to Want Me" uses data scraped from online dating profiles to explore love, desire, and identity.

_The Zone  (2011)

"The Zone" explores life in the area around the nuclear disaster site Chernobyl.

_iSeeChange  (2012)

Interactive crowdsourced almanac "iSeeChange" documents climate change in small-town Colorado.

_The Block: Stories from a Meeting Place  (2012)

In "The Block: Stories from a Meeting Place," interactive 360° panoramas capture a historic neighborhood on the verge of demolition.

_Highrise: Out My Window  (2010)

In the Emmy Award-winning web documentary "Out My Window," filmmaker Katerina Cizek explores highrise living around the world.

_Soldier Brother  (2012)

An examination of the effects of contemporary warfare and communication on a brother and sister.

_Star Wars Uncut  (2010)

What do you get when you ask dedicated and creative film fans to remake scenes from their favorite movie? In the case of "Star Wars Uncut,"…

_D-Day to Victory  (2011)

Chronicling the Allied Invasion of Europe in WWII from D-Day to VE Day, "D-Day to Victory" features immersive 360° panoramas that put audience…

_Havana/Miami: Times are Changing  (2010)

Interactive documentary "Havana/Miami" examines life on both sides of the US-Cuba border by exploring the lives of 12 individuals in Havana…

_24h Berlin  (2009)

In "24h Berlin," 80 camera crews record life in Berlin over the course of one day.

_Lovelines  (2006)

Data visualization "Lovelines" creates a portrait of human emotion by aggregating blog posts featuring the words “love” and “hate.”