_Balloons of Bhutan  (2011)

In the participatory documentary project "Balloons of Bhutan," artist Jonathan Harris investigates happiness in all its forms.

_Life in a Day  (2011)

Crowdsourced documentary "Life in a Day" paints a picture of life on earth using 80,000 clips posted to YouTube.

_Mapping Main Street  (2008)

The participatory project "Mapping Main Street" documents the diversity of America.

_Curious City  (2012)

An experiment in crowdsourced journalism, "Curious City" gives editorial control to its audience.

_Sputnik Observatory  (2009)

In this interesting and often inspiring interactive database, users can explore a panoply of ideas from A to Z by navigating expert interviews…

_Question Bridge: Black Males  (2012)

"Question Bridge: Black Males" facilitates conversations within the African American male community across political, class, geographic,…

_Waterlife  (2009)

"Waterlife" explores the layers of ecological damage in the Canadian Great Lakes.

_Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People  (2013)

Documentary on African American photographers explores new audiences through community outreach and digital platforms.
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_Alma: A Tale of Violence  (2012)

Interactive tablet and web documentary "Alma: A Tale of Violence" lets its audience members move between a former gang member’s confession…

_Filmmaker in Residence  (2004)

For the National Film Board of Canada’s pioneering Filmmaker in Residence initiative, documentarian Katerina Cizek collaborated with doctors…

_Star Wars Uncut  (2010)

What do you get when you ask dedicated and creative film fans to remake scenes from their favorite movie? In the case of "Star Wars Uncut,"…

_17000 Islands  (2013)

In this thoughtful interactive piece, users deconstruct the propagandistic vision of a single Indonesia by viewing, dismantling, and remaking…

_This Land  (2010)

"This Land" follows a Canadian Army patrol’s 16-day journey to the country’s northernmost point.

_Condition ONE  (2010)

The "Condition One" iPad video player invites a feeling of immersion by letting its audience control the camera’s view.

_Lost and Found  (2012)

Marrying audio journalism with rich imagery, multimedia photo essay "Lost and Found" hints at a possible future for radio in the digital…