_The Machine to Be Another

The Machine To Be Another offers an opportunity to virtually experience other perspectives by giving access to the body and mind of another…

_Jeu d’influences (Game of influences)

Have you ever faced a communication crisis? Jeu d'influences puts you right in front of it.

_Targeting the Electorate

Interactive quiz "Targeting the Electorate" reveals how political campaigns courted voters during the 2012 U.S. Presidential election.


Assent allows audiences to engage personally with the events and emotions of the Caravan of Death, through my father's eyes, and mine.

_Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The data visualization Out of Sight, Out of Mind gives weight to the stark facts and figures of U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, urging viewers…

_Subway Stories

Subway Stories is an interactive experience that offers users a glimpse of their fellow commuters' inner lives.

_Hidden Wounds Interactive

An interactive music video for a song originally based on a news article, "Hidden Wounds Interactive" delves into the invisible devastation…

_Refugee Republic

Refugee Republic is an interactive documentary exploring daily life in a Syrian refugee camp.


Produced by the RTVE Laboratory of Audiovisual Innovation, this project offers a virtual tour through the Guadalquivir River with panoramic…

_4Stelle Hotel

4Stelle Hotel is a web documentary about life in an occupied hotel

_17000 Islands

In this thoughtful interactive piece, users deconstruct the propagandistic vision of a single Indonesia by viewing, dismantling, and remaking…

_Quipu Project

Quipu, an interactive online documentary, recounts one of the darker moments in recent Peruvian history by having users listen and respond…

_Do Not Track

Do Not Track is a personalized web documentary series about privacy and the web economy.

_Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts is a puzzle adventure game, an interactive comic book, and an engaging history lesson

_Main Street

Danny Singer’s immersive photo essay showcases Main Streets across Canada.