_Face to Face

An immersive documentary and multimedia installation that provides an intimate look at gun injuries and human resilience.

_Jerusalem, We Are Here

A virtual tour of Jerusalem guided by displaced Palestinians.

_After the Storm

After the Storm is an interactive documentary essay about the experience of living through a natural disaster.

_We Choose the Moon

Interactive website "We Choose the Moon" recreated the Apollo 11 launch for the mission’s 40th anniversary.

_What they destroy, we will build again

"What they destroy, we will build again" is a 2-screen video installation about the destruction and recreation of the Arch of Triumph in…

_Video Nation

A participatory documentary project that transformed from a TV project to a growing online archive.

_Living Liberia Fabric

A memorial to the Liberian civil war, "Living Liberia Fabric" is an artifical intellegence (AI) driven narrative.

_Way to Go

Take an interactive walk in the woods.

_Points of View

POINTS OF VIEW is an ongoing interactive web documentary based on video footage shot by Palestinians working with B'Tselem's Camera Distribution…

_Who Is Dayani Cristal?

The story of a migrant who found himself in the deadly stretch of desert known as “the corridor of death” and becomes testimony to the…


InfoAmazonia provides news, reports, data and crowdsourced stories on endangered regions of the Amazon forest.

_The Aatsinki Season

"The Aatsinki Season" explores the lives of reindeer herders in Finland.

_Life On Hold

An intimate view of Syrian refugees' daily lives, depicting both struggle and hope.


Designers have long known that the right font can bring a document to life. With Type:Rider, it’s the typefaces themselves that come…


Produced by the RTVE Laboratory of Audiovisual Innovation, this project offers a virtual tour through the Guadalquivir River with panoramic…