_Living Los Sures

Participatory documentary "Living Los Sures" captures the rich, multicultural history of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood.

_Prison Map

Prison Map is not a map - it's a snapshot of the earth's surface, taken at various points throughout the United States.

_Crowd-Sourced Intelligence Agency

The Crowd-Sourced Intelligence Agency (CSIA) is an interactive artwork that allows users to perform the role of an intelligence analyst…

_Elastic Charles

Glorianna Davenport’s "Elastic Charles" allowed users to shape the story of Boston’s Charles River by organizing clips and creating…

_Shadows of Progress (Sombras del Progreso)  (2012)

In the current state of global financial instability, this interactive experience reflects on a period in Spanish history when workers'…

_Step to the Line

Step to the Line is a VR documentary shot on location at a California maximum security prison that aims to provoke a shift in the viewer's…

_4Stelle Hotel

4Stelle Hotel is a web documentary about life in an occupied hotel


Participatory storytelling project "Hyperlocal" charts Canada’s changing neighborhoods.

_The Iron Curtain Diaries

The Iron Curtain Diaries looks at the legacy of the Cold War from the perspectives of the towns on the border of the USSR and the West.


A virtual journey through the memories of a lost love

_Crisis Guide: Pakistan

Didactic and interactive, the Council on Foreign Relations’ "Crisis Guide: Pakistan" might hint towards a possible future for textbooks.


Borderland is an interactive documentary exploring the U.S.-Mexico border and the people who live and work there.

_Mapping Main Street

The participatory project "Mapping Main Street" documents the diversity of America.


Submarine Channel's "Unspeak" zeroes in on the power of language to obscure reality as much as it explains it, with a series of shorts that…

_Feed me a story

A transmedia project that goes on a community-based multicultural journey through food.