IBM Cloud

_IBM Cloud

IBMCloud offers the tools, data and APIs to create AI.
Mouse and Keyboard Interactions for Virtual Reality Experiences

_Mouse and Keyboard Interactions for Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality experiences require a new set of conventions for interactions with familiar devices.
Smartphone Controls for Virtual Reality

_Smartphone Controls for Virtual Reality

A smartphone is an ideal device for interacting with virtual reality.
Smart Cropping for Web Video

_Smart Cropping for Web Video

A tool for displaying video at any aspect ratio. With ubiquitous availability of video in mobile and desktop browsers, letterbox may no…
The Listen Tree Project

_The Listen Tree Project

Our intervention is motivated by a need for forms of display that fade into the background, inviting attention rather than requiring it.…
Interlude Treehouse

_Interlude Treehouse

A powerful authoring suite that enable all video creators – from enthusiasts to musicians to cinematographers to leading brands – to…


Share your own stories and publish them to any service or platform available on android.


FOLD is a platform allowing storytellers to structure and contextualize stories.


BLIND SPOT is a way of creating a new media reality for all of us by letting everyone create one for each of us.


A place for all interactive storytellers to create, publish and share their i-docs, interactive videos, serious games, desktop and mobile…


Be an active participant in collective action-oriented dialogue by capturing your real-time emotional responses to recorded or live-media.
First World War

_First World War

The Guardian's special projects editor, Francesca Panetta, outlines how they've created an innovative multimedia guide to the first world…