Ay Mexico Lindo

_Ay Mexico Lindo

Ay Mexico Lindo is a multimedia project that aims to bring greater understanding to the drug war that affects Mexico, which has so far…
Sleeping Soldiers

_Sleeping Soldiers

This immersive three-channel video installation preceded an Academy award-nominated feature Restrepo and a book Infidel and was an early…


This experiment in rephotography shows viewers the hidden moments of humanity within the massive automated image gathering project Google…
Sputnik Observatory

_Sputnik Observatory

In this interesting and often inspiring interactive database, users can explore a panoply of ideas from A to Z by navigating expert interviews…
From Zero – Italy

_From Zero – Italy

Daily webcast "From Zero - Italy" explored the long, arduous process of disaster recovery.
The Iron Curtain Diaries

_The Iron Curtain Diaries

The Iron Curtain Diaries looks at the legacy of the Cold War from the perspectives of the towns on the border of the USSR and the West.


In an effort to document Canada’s worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the NFB released online profiles of Canadians struggling…


An exploration of personal loss, Aaron Vincent Elkaim’s interactive photo essay "Fire" focuses on his grandparents' cabin, destroyed by…
David Lynch Interview Project

_David Lynch Interview Project

In the "David Lynch Interview Project," Americans are randomly selected and asked to share their personal stories.
Our First Loves

_Our First Loves

A collection of short odes and confessionals to “first loves.”


"Waterlife" explores the layers of ecological damage in the Canadian Great Lakes.
We Choose the Moon

_We Choose the Moon

Interactive website "We Choose the Moon" recreated the Apollo 11 launch for the mission’s 40th anniversary.


Interactive weekly web series "Camerawar.tv" tackles contemporary issues, encouraging users to explore its archive in any order.
24h Berlin

_24h Berlin

In "24h Berlin," 80 camera crews record life in Berlin over the course of one day.