Still Here

_Still Here

<span class="excerpt_part"> the core of this story of emotional displacement. The VR piece uses both interactive, volumetric VR and non-interactive 360 videos. In addition to scenes that allow users to interact...</span>
Climate Witness Project

_Climate Witness Project

<span class="excerpt_part">...and impacting forests in northern Norway. The collection of stories are produced in the arctic and sub-arctic regions of Scandinavia, a region that is experiencing around a 20-degree Celsius increase...</span>
Tilt Brush

_Tilt Brush

<span class="excerpt_part"> ranging from Wet Paint to Fire. The interface is extendable with open-source libraries of additional materials, artistic tools, and interactive audio. The application plugs into the Unity Asset <strong>Store</strong>,...</span>


<span class="excerpt_part">...has extended its use into multiple industries over the years ranging from architecture to entertainment as well as documentary. Unity allows creators to see results in-context as they work, allowing...</span>
Roundware Case Study

_Roundware Case Study

<span class="excerpt_part">...interfaces. Users are immersed in enchanted landscapes that invite spontaneous interactions, playful discovery, and creative contribution. Roundware&rsquo;s adaptability for civic interventions, and the potential for it to be more widely...</span>
Fort McMoney: Oops… we messed up again!

_Fort McMoney: Oops&#8230; we messed up again!

<span class="excerpt_part">...that in Montreal, what&rsquo;s important is &ldquo;how&rdquo;, and that in Paris, it is &ldquo;why&rdquo;. On one hand, a focus on the search for practical solutions; on the other hand, enjoying...</span>
Interview with James George and Jonathan Minard

_Interview with James George and Jonathan Minard

<span class="excerpt_part">...content or video game like content into it. We just use it as a different display, so then the difference is in the interaction and how people engage with it....</span>
Interview with Oscar Raby

_Interview with Oscar Raby

<span class="excerpt_part">...also it is almost anti-hipster, it is not cynical at all. Oscar Raby: You&rsquo;re right. Around 2001, when I started my visual arts practice, it was all about irony. That&rsquo;s...</span>
Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box

_Money &#038; Speed: Inside the Black Box

<span class="excerpt_part">...that the haptic quality of <strong>tablet</strong>s offer great creative potential for documentaries. Through the <strong>tablet</strong> interface, interacting with data visualizations and accessing additional information becomes much more intuitive. Money &amp;...</span>
Tablet-ready Interactive Docs

_Tablet-ready Interactive Docs

<span class="excerpt_part">...on <strong>tablet</strong>s, as I think these devices are of crucial importance for the future of the industry, and will greatly shape the ways in which factual content is consumed by...</span>


<span class="excerpt_part"> through interviews, participatory filmmaking, soundscapes, images, animation, performance, and data visualization. The project is built for <strong>tablet</strong>, giving viewers an individualized and intimate way in to this community portrait....</span>
The Last Hunt

_The Last Hunt

<span class="excerpt_part">...quiet beauty of Pit&rsquo;s retreat and reflecting on the reality that this trip may well be Pit&rsquo;s last. In a poignant interactive photo essay, project author Alexi Hobbs tells the...</span>
Hidden Worlds: New York City

_Hidden Worlds: New York City

<span class="excerpt_part">...Visitors can explore these locales using the Condition ONE player. As they move the iPad, the camera lens moves with it, giving an immersive 180&deg; view into the on-screen environment....</span>
Condition ONE

_Condition ONE

<span class="excerpt_part">The Condition ONE iPad video player captures the entire human field of vision. As users swipe or move their <strong>tablet</strong>, the onscreen image follows, revealing 180&deg; of video. Developed by...</span>
Keep on Steppin’

_Keep on Steppin

<span class="excerpt_part">...audience members can watch the films in any order. Keep on Steppin&rsquo; was designed as a cross-media project. In addition to the <strong>tablet</strong> app, Keep on Steppin&rsquo; includes a book,...</span>