_Coal: A Love Story

"Coal: A Love Story" uses data-driven interactive graphics and short films to explore American energy consumption.

_Walking the Edit

Mobile app "Walking the Edit" builds a film as a user moves through an urban environment.

_Le Jeu des 1000 Histoires

An interactive story machine, "Le Jeu des 1000 Histoires" profiles one of France’s most popular radio game shows.


Interactive weekly web series "Camerawar.tv" tackles contemporary issues, encouraging users to explore its archive in any order.

_The Wilderness Downtown

An online music video for the Arcade Fire’s song "We Used to Wait," The Wilderness Downtown calls up images of the viewer's childhood…

_The Zone

"The Zone" explores life in the area around the nuclear disaster site Chernobyl.

_Video Nation

A participatory documentary project that transformed from a TV project to a growing online archive.

_Dyatlov Pass

Dyatlov Pass is a horror documentary about the mysterious deaths of Soviet students in the Ural mountains.


Why do our eyes drift inevitably towards the subtitles?

_1979 Revolution Game

1979 Revolution is a documentary game set in Tehran during the Iranian Revolution


"Waterlife" explores the layers of ecological damage in the Canadian Great Lakes.

_Faces of Facebook

The 1.2 billion people of Facebook are captured and displayed in a dizzying data visualization project that allows users to navigate the…


Interactive mobile app "Cinemacity" geolocates movie clips throughout Paris in the locations that they were shot, letting visitors explore…

_Main Street

Danny Singer’s immersive photo essay showcases Main Streets across Canada.

_Archiving R69

An interactive narrative exploration of 100 film segments, sound clips and other archival elements