_The Key

The Key VR takes participants through a metaphorical journey to find new truths.


An interactive documentary exploring the mindset behind indoctrination into cults and extremist groups.

_Invisible Cities

Get lost in virtual metropolises created by visualizing the geolocated social media posts of actual urban residents.


Merging non-fiction and fiction, Motto is an interactive story available online for mobile devices where viewers navigate through other…

_Moss Landing

One of the first projects to be called an interactive documentary, this piece sought to create an explorable slice of life in the Moss Landing…


Participatory storytelling project "Hyperlocal" charts Canada’s changing neighborhoods.

_After the Storm

After the Storm is an interactive documentary essay about the experience of living through a natural disaster.

_W.H.Y. We Hear You Project

Raising urban youth voices through mobile-based photography and storytelling.

_Big Stories, Small Towns

Participatory documentary “Big Stories, Small Towns” is an ongoing collaboration between small town communities in Australia and the…

_How Much Is Left?

Interactive timeline "How Much Is Left?" creates a data-driven portrait of climate change.

_The Worry Box Project

"The Worry Box Project" collected hundreds of confessions from mothers revealing their fears about raising children.

_Filmmaker in Residence

For the National Film Board of Canada’s pioneering Filmmaker in Residence initiative, documentarian Katerina Cizek collaborated with doctors…

_Ebola Deeply

A new model of storytelling around a global crisis.

_Our First Loves

A collection of short odes and confessionals to “first loves.”


Associacion de Victimas del Metro del Tre de Julio and Barret Films produced this transmedia project on the causes of the accident on the…