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Arnau Gifreu


Arnau Gifreu is a lecturer, researcher, and director in the audiovisual and multimedia field.

Arnau  holds a PhD in communications and a master’s degree in digital arts from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). He is also a research affiliate at Comparative Media Studies and the Open Documentary Lab (MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and part of the i-docs group (University of the West of England). He founded and served as coordinator of the  interactive documentary and non-fiction observatories and production programs interDOC and INF (Interactive NonFiction).

Interactive Documentary: My Favorite Latin Projects

Canada and France are always going to be the pioneering leaders in the production of interactive documentaries. It seems that other countries, like the United States, Germany, The Netherlands, and England, etc., are also encouraging the production of these documentaries. Now Spanish-speaking countries are also creating a “corpus” of noteworthy projects. The fact that the Anglophone, Francophone and Latin cultures are different, with different stories, codes and motivations, affects how these types of documentaries are made and how the narrative is constructed. While there was some growth in this field at the international level at the end of the first decade of the present century, we are now witnessing the expansion of webdocs and transmedia documentaries made ​​in the Latin area. They have also come to stay. In this playlist I’ve chosen some of them, but the best is yet to come. Hope you enjoy them!


Why do our eyes drift inevitably towards the subtitles?


Produced by the RTVE Laboratory of Audiovisual Innovation, this project offers a virtual tour through the Guadalquivir River with panoramic videos that allow the user to plunge into its ecosystems.

_Isabel, la conquista de Granada

A production of the Audiovisual Innovation Lab from RTVE (Spanish Television) about the ten battles that led to the conquest of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492.

_Cromosoma Cinco

Directed by Maria Ripoll and Lisa Pram, this touching project tells the story of Andrea, a girl with the 5P syndrome or Cri du Chat, a weird condition which is characterized by having lost a small part of Chromosome 5.

_Ay Mexico Lindo

Ay Mexico Lindo is a multimedia project that aims to bring greater understanding to the drug war that affects Mexico, which has so far led to more than 8,000 deaths.

The project is remarkable for its extensive use of resources, well documented information and the ease of navigating and interacting. It uses audiovisual resources that play a well-structured role in this topic, generating interest about the disturbing problems of drug trafficking on Mexico's border with the United States.

_Las voces de la memoria

An interactive documentary about Alzheimer's disease and the curative power of music.

The project is innovative in terms of the experience of navigating in the content and the variety of platforms and channels used (music and audiovisual resources, graphics, small games and interactive applications of music therapy).


An experimental transmedia documentary to digitally commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Malvinas war and to propose that we relive the past in order to imagine ourselves in the present.

This transmedia documentary relives the events of the Falklands War and commemorates its 30th anniversary. The project proposed a new way of telling the story of the war "in real time" over 4 months, reliving the events on the same dates on which they occurred, although 30 years later, facilitating user collaboration from different platforms. It allows history to be reconstructed and reflects deeply on the effects the war has had on the new generations.

_Guernica, pintura de guerra

The first Spanish transmedia and multiplatform documentary in homage to the 70th anniversary of the bombing of the city of Guernica by the German aviation.

First Spanish transmedia and multiplatform documentary. In parallel with the implementation of the audiovisual documentary and working with the team of the prestigious documentary program "30 minuts" (Catalonia Television), the interactive department developed three interactive supports that users were able to consult on three different platforms: Web, digital terrestrial television (DTT) and Media Center.

_Cyborg Project

A transmedia documentary about the experience of not perceiving colors and the world of cyborgs.

_MAFI (Mapa Fílmico de un País)

Contributing to the visual memory of Chile and fostering social reflection based on images.


Associacion de Victimas del Metro del Tre de Julio and Barret Films produced this transmedia project on the causes of the accident on the Valencian subway that occurred on July 3, 2006, which resulted in 43 ​​deaths and 47 injured.

_Proyecto Walsh

The Walsh Project is an experimental journalistic piece that uses diverse social media platforms to tell the story and show the research process of Operación Massacre, the story of the 1956 José León Suárez massacre, and the most important book by Argentine investigative journalist and writer Rodolfo Walsh.


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